FF&E (Furniture, Fixtures)

BIID's FF&E scope of services is designed to provide the Owner with a complete and comprehensive system for procuring and installing all furniture, fixtures and equipment. BIID purchases all FF&E, coordinates the installation, and provides a total accounting for all funds spent on the FF&E for the project.

BIID's OS&E scope of services provides a complete and comprehensive system for specifying and procuring all back-of-house purchases such as equipment, appliances, banquet furnishings and tabletop supplies. Our extensive client base allows for greater purchasing power through programs set up with key suppliers, providing clients the maximum cost savings attainable through volume discounts. In addition, BIID's intensive operational purchasing experience provides our clients with unsurpassed knowledge and extensive sourcing giving us the ability to meet exact product requirements in a timely fashion.

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FF&E- Guestroom
  • Casegoods
  • Chairs
  • Lighting
  • Mirrors
  • Artwork (includes corridor)
  • Fabrics/makeup
  • Carpet (includes corridor)
  • Lift lobby
  • Bed
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FF&E- Public areas
  • Furniture (not stackable banquet which is in OSE)
  • Office furniture (see operating equipment)
  • Carpet or rugs
  • Drapes or blinds
  • Artwork
  • Internal plants
  • Internal signage
  • Chandeliers/decorative lighting
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Kitchen, bar & buffet specialist equipment
  • Receiving Area , Unbox Area, Veg Prep , Meat Prep & Fish Prep
  • Walk In Fridge & Cold Areas
  • Hot Kitchen
  • Banquetting
  • Buffet
  • Drinks
  • Room Service
  • Pantries
  • Main Kitchen Dishwash
  • Bar Equipment
  • Staff Area
  • Kitchenettes
  • Other & Connection
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FF&E- Laundry specialist large equipment

Coming soon.

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OS&E (Operating Supplies and Equipments)
  • tableware & bar
  • conference & banqueting furniture
  • conf & banq, business centre, lobbies
  • front of house-trolleys,concierge,front desk+regional
  • public washrooms+misc specialist equip
  • gues troom
  • guestroom bedding and towels
  • room service and corridor
  • kitchen utensils + electrical equip
  • stewarding -trolleys, grills, bins, plate and dishwasher baskets
  • uniforms
  • staff areas
  • security and control
  • first aid operating equipment
  • housekeeping
  • back of house
  • small engineering tools
  • external areas
  • fitness / spa/ pool
OS&E (Operating Supplies and Equipments)